A fantastic recipe made of Cola and Jaffa biscuits! A brilliant dessert, without baking..

Unleash your sweet tooth on this unbelievable dessert recipe that marries the fizzy delight of Cola with the chocolatey goodness of Jaffa biscuits. And the best part? No baking required! This tantalizing treat will leave you craving for more with each bite.

This no-bake dessert combines the classic flavors of Jaffa cakes (orange and chocolate) with a fun twist of Coca-Cola! The ingredients are simple – you’ll need Jaffa biscuits, Coke, cream cheese, sugar, whipping cream, and a bit of starch and water to help set it.

First, you’ll make a creamy Jaffa-flavored mousse by blending the Coke with the cream cheese, whipping cream, and starch slurry. Then you’ll layer this luscious orange mousse with the Jaffa biscuits in a pan. Once set, you’ll top it with a glossy chocolate glaze made from melted dark chocolate and oil.

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