Fried Rice

Savory Classic Egg Fried Rice

A Quick and Easy Staple for Any Meal

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Savory Classic Egg Fried Rice

Difficulty:BeginnerPrep time: 5 minutesCook time: 15 minutesRest time: minutesTotal time: 20 minutesServings:4 servingsCalories:325 kcal Best Season:Suitable throughout the year


This savory classic egg fried rice recipe is a quick and easy dish that serves as a perfect side or a simple yet satisfying main course. Combining fluffy rice with the rich taste of scrambled eggs, fresh vegetables, and a touch of soy sauce, this recipe brings the flavors of Asian cuisine right to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a speedy weeknight dinner solution or a way to use up leftover rice, this dish is sure to please.



  1. In a saucepan of medium size, combine the water with soy sauce and a dash of salt, and set it over a high flame until it reaches a rolling boil. Mix in the quick-cooking rice, then take the pan off the heat source. Seal it with a lid and let it stand for about 5 minutes to absorb the flavors and moisture.
  2. Meanwhile, place a skillet or wok over a medium setting and warm the oil. Toss the chopped onions and green beans into the oil, stirring them for a couple of minutes until they start to soften and become fragrant. Next, pour the whisked eggs into the skillet with the vegetables, cooking and stirring for a couple of minutes until the eggs are just set and lightly scrambled.
  3. Fold the now-prepared rice into the skillet with the egg and vegetable blend, ensuring a thorough integration of all components. Give the dish a final touch by sprinkling over some ground pepper, to taste.


  • – For the best results, use day-old rice as it is drier and less likely to become mushy when fried.
    – Feel free to add cooked chicken, shrimp, or tofu for added protein.
    Customize the vegetables to your preference or use up what you have in the fridge.
    – Sesame oil can be substituted with vegetable oil, but the distinct flavor will be less pronounced.
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Can I use freshly cooked rice instead of chilled rice?

It’s best to use chilled rice because it’s drier and less sticky, which is ideal for fried rice. However, if you’re in a pinch, you can use freshly cooked rice; just be sure to spread it out on a tray to cool and remove excess moisture before frying.

How can I make this recipe gluten-free?

Use tamari or a gluten-free soy sauce alternative to make this dish gluten-free.

Can I add other proteins to this fried rice?

Absolutely! Cooked chicken, shrimp, beef, or tofu make great additions to this dish. Just be sure to cook them before adding them to the rice.

How long can I store leftover egg fried rice?

Leftover fried rice can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days. Reheat thoroughly before serving.

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